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Puppy Foundations

Laying the groundwork for a well-behaved adult dog starts with early and effective training. Off Collar Dog Training presents "Puppy Foundations," a tailored 4-week program designed specifically for puppies, focusing on puppy basics and basic obedience. Give your little companion the best start in life and set the stage for a strong, lasting relationship with you.

Invest in your puppy's future and foster a strong bond through our 4-week program. Contact us today to schedule your sessions and embark on the journey of raising a well-behaved and obedient companion.

Program Highlights:

  • Eight twice-weekly 45-minute sessions with a certified trainer

  • In-depth instruction covering the essentials of puppy training

  • Techniques to establish a strong foundation for good manners

  • Personalized attention and guidance for you and your puppy

  • Weekly Recap videos to reinforce your learning


What to Expect:

  • Week 1: Foundation Skills​

    • Crate training and positive association

    • Handling exercises and grooming

    • Name recognition and attention

    • Proofing markers for desired behaviors

  • Week 2: Polishing Skills

    • Polite leash walking and loose leash training

    • Sit, Stay, and Heel commands

    • Recall training (coming when called)

    • Problem-solving common behavioral issues

  • Week 3: Leash Work and Proofing

    • Strengthening commands and impulse control

    • Leave It command introduction

    • Outdoor recall training with a long line

    • Distraction training and real-world environments

  • Week 4: Real-World Application

    • Review and refinement of all commands

    • Advanced training exercises tailored to individual needs

    • Off-leash training in a safe, enclosed area

    • Tips for ongoing training and development


Why Choose Us:

  • Certified trainers with extensive experience in puppy training

  • Convenient schedule with twice-weekly sessions

  • Personalized attention and guidance tailored to your puppy's needs

  • Proven techniques for effective results

  • Weekly Recap videos to support your practice and reinforce learning


Program Investment:

Puppy Foundations: $1400

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