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Introducing Our NEW

Dog Training Services!

Does your dog stare at you in confusion when you tell him to “sit”? Have you tried all the tips and techniques you’ve found on Google but it’s still not working? 


We now offer private dog training lessons! Our private training sessions include an evaluation and assessment of your dog in your own home. We create a personalized lesson plan that will fit your lifestyle and your dog’s needs.


Our dog training is science-based and uses positive reinforcement to set your dog up for success while making sure to keep the training fun and productive. We reward for good behaviors instead of punishing bad behaviors, to ensure that your dog is well-balanced and well-behaved.

Featured Services

Happy Pets, Luxurious Pet-Sitting

Pet Sitting

We provide pet sitter nannies to help take care of your dog while you're away.


Have one of our pet sitter's visit your home up to 4 times per day. Morning, mid-day, evening, and late-night to take care of your fur child. No more than 12 hours will ever go between visits. Each visit is 30 minutes. 


Each visit can consist of changing the water, feeding your pet, turning off the TV, turning lights on and off, watering plants, and any other requirements to make sure your pet and home are taken care of. 

Service visiting hours are from: 

6:00 am - 10:30 pm

Kitty Care

One of our pet sitters will come to feed, water and love your cat or small animal because dogs aren't the only ones that need love and attention!


Each visit can consist of changing the water, feeding your pet, turning off the TV, turning lights on and off, watering plants, and any other requirements to make sure your kitty and you are provided with peace of mind while you're away.

House Sitting

One of our pet sitters will spend the night to give your pets and home the added security. This is highly recommended if your dog or cat has separation anxiety. 


This service entails a 1-hour morning visit, a 1-hour dinner visit with an 8-hour sleep stay. You can add additional visits depending on your pet's needs.

Private Dog Walking

One reason we love our dogs is that they are social creatures like ourselves, that being said locking them up all day is a sure way to create bad habits and behavior.

Let one of our professional dog walkers provide your pup with a dog walking routine that will allow you to live your life fully and not feel guilty about leaving your pup at home neglected.


Our dog walking services are designed for your dog’s well being– and that includes helping your dog gain social skills on a walk, spend pent up energy, a chance to relieve themselves, and a way to reinforce their training.  

Service hours:

10:30 am - 3:00 pm

"Lauren has been walking our 16th-month-old dog for just about a year. We are so happy with her services and our dog, Murray, could not be more crazy about her. It is so comforting for my husband and me to know that when we have to work late or we can’t walk him, that he is in the best hands possible. Lauren is incredibly professional. When we go out of town, we are always confident that Murray will be well cared for and have a lot of fun."

-Meg and Ryan S.

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