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Note From The Owner

My name is Lauren, and I am a Canine Behaviorist. I grew up surrounded by pets, from Chinchillas to Horses. I moved to Alexandria with my Great Dane Duke and cat Cambria. In January 2020, I added two new additions to my fur family: Hera, my Goldendoodle, and Athos, my Great Dane! Honestly, I wouldn't want to do anything else; my whole life, I searched for the perfect career, and it was right here the entire time.

When I started Off Collar, I wanted to ensure I built a forward-thinking brand. The first focus has always been the relationship between pets and sitters, walkers, or trainers. I wanted to ensure we were experts in this field from the beginning. I have always made sure to hire people who are more than pet lovers. It hasn't always been easy, but I am happy that I have built a business in an industry I adore. I am incredibly proud to be a pet care professional and certified as a Dog Behavior Modification Trainer. I take a balanced approach to training, always ensuring to do what is best for your dog and you as an owner. I am grateful for the people I have met, the animals we care for, and my staff.

Whether it's walking your dog, feeding your cat, taking care of your pet while you're away, or training your pup, Off Collar always provides a nurturing and safe environment. 


-Lauren Tracy

Canine Behaviorist & Owner 

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