Dog Training 


Behavior Modification
Lauren will assess your dog, start the training process and help create a training plan. This is focused on reactive/ aggressive dogs. 
Basic Obedience 
Programs are designed to help your dog understand the house rules and become well-mannered.

Puppy Training
Puppy day school is offered twice a week. This is a combination of in home training with you and day training at trainer's location. This is designed for dogs under year old.

Private In-Home
Training Lessons

Does your dog stare at you in confusion when you tell him to “sit”? Have you tried all the tips and techniques you’ve found on Google but it’s still not working? 


Whether it is for fear, reactivity, general obedience, getting you and your puppy off to the right start; we will come to your home and start training! 


Our dog training is science-based to set your dog up for success while making sure to keep the training fun and productive. We reward for good behaviors to ensure that your dog is well-balanced and well-behaved.

Dog Training Form