Dog Training Services

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Evaluation Meeting

1.5 Hour Session


Private Training

1 Hour Session



4 Sessions: $500

6 Sessions: $720

8 Sessions: $920

Training Review Session

Puppy Sessions

40 minutes 


Adult Dog Sessions

50 minutes


Virtual Training

Private Classes


Puppy and Adult Dog

Group class

price varies by class

Private In-Home
Training Lessons

Does your dog stare at you in confusion when you tell him to “sit”? Have you tried all the tips and techniques you’ve found on Google but it’s still not working? 


We now offer private dog training lessons! Our private training sessions include an evaluation and assessment of your dog in your own home. We create a personalized lesson plan that will fit your lifestyle and your dog’s needs.


Our dog training is science-based and uses positive reinforcement to set your dog up for success while making sure to keep the training fun and productive. We reward for good behaviors instead of punishing bad behaviors, to ensure that your dog is well-balanced and well-behaved.

Private Review Walks

At Off Collar, we want to ensure that the training your dog learns during our sessions is perfected between sessions. We have designed two types of review walks. This service is only available for training clients, we only use positive training methods and want to always make sure to set your dog up for success.

Puppy Reviews

 Designed for puppies up to a year old, the session is 40 minutes with 30 minutes dedicated to focusing on behaviors that your dog has learned from your training sessions. Puppies have a short attention span and we want to create the most benefit by giving them physical exercise on a walk and mental stimulation with training without overly exhausting them. 

Adult Dog Reviews

Designed for dogs one-year-old or older, the session is 50 minutes long with 40 minutes dedicated to focusing on behaviors your dog has learned from your training sessions. While older dogs have a longer attention span we still want your dogs to have shorter sessions to make sure we always set them up for success. They will have both mental stimulation as well as physical with a mid-day walk.

Class Schedule