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Bring Out the Best in Your Best Friend

Master the art of remote collar training and unlock a new level of obedience, and mutual understanding with your dog.

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Dreaming about taking your dog to an open field but know that right now you have a less than 50% chance of having him come back? 

Your heart pounds as your dog chases a ball, then a squirrel, and just keeps running, ignoring your calls. Or perhaps, they slip their collar, darting into the unknown with your shouts falling on deaf ears. These are real, stressful situations that highlight the need for reliable off-leash control and recall - skills often missing, which not only limit your dog's freedom but could also put their safety at risk.

Our 4-week Unleashed Mastery Program is the answer to enhancing off-leash control and recall responsiveness. We guide you to build a clear and reliable communication bond with your dog, promoting improved responsiveness and lasting changes. Enjoy the freedom of outdoor adventures with your dog, confident in your control even in the most exciting or distracting environments. Embrace the joy of mutual trust and understanding through our Unleashed Mastery Program.

Pawesome Payoffs

Leader of the Pack Perks

Individualized Training Plan

Every dog in our Unleashed Mastery Program gets a custom training plan tailored to their unique needs and pace, ensuring swift and effective results​

Innovative Remote Collar Training​
We use remote collar training as a communication tool rather than a form of punishment. This technique, which is misunderstood by many, allows for precise, consistent communication, essential for off-leash training.

In-Home & Environment Training​
Our program offers in-home and outdoor sessions in diverse locales, essential for helping your dog apply new skills across different situations.

Owner Education and Training​
Alongside training your dog, we also educate you, the owner. You'll learn how to maintain your dog's new skills and deepen your understanding of canine behavior.

Post-Training Support​
Post-program, we offer enduring support to help maintain training outcomes and tackle any emerging concerns.

Flexible Scheduling​
We understand that our clients lead busy lives. That's why we offer flexible scheduling for training sessions, accommodating a variety of routines and lifestyles.

Take the Lead! Start Your Unleashed Mastery Journey Now!

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