Meet Our Team

Off Collar Pet Care is dedicated to employing only the best, most caring and qualified pet lovers around. We run each

pet sitter through extensive screening and training.

How do we hire Pet Sitters?

All of our Pet Sitters go through very thorough screening, vetting, and training process before they earn a spot on our team. We require stellar references, a clean background check, pet first aid certification, and that our sitters complete a two-part orientation process before they receive their first solo assignment. We only work with the best people and hold them to a very high standard! 


My hiring philosophy is: We can never be too thorough and YOU and your pets can never be too happy!

Off Collar is dedicated to employing only the best, most caring and qualified pet lovers around. We run each sitter through extensive screening.

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Tracy L

Dog Walker 

My passion has always been animals and nature. Ever since I was a child, everyone called me Snow White, because I would spend all my time outside talking to the animals. I  love all animals and have a natural way with them. Making them happy,  makes me happy. 
When I show up to my client's home and see the happy tails wagging and the excitement they have for me, well ...  there’s just nothing better. I love my job.

Fernanda G.

Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

I live in Arlington, VA and one of my favorite hobbies is spending time with dogs! Ever since I was little I wanted a dog and I have a dream to one day open a sanctuary for stray dogs and other animals. Being around animals gives me peace and puts me in a good mood! I love working for Off Collar Pet Care because they made one of my dreams come true and I get to do what I love the most!

Yesenia L. 

Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter

Hey there! I have been surrounded by animals my entire life as they are a huge passion of mine. I currently have four lovable dogs! Two sweet Doberman puppies named Zyla and Xara, a gentle senior poodle of 15 years named sam and a spunky chihuahua named Chikis. That being said, I have experience with different age groups and sizes. I am an active person so dog parks and hikes/trails are my favorite pastimes! I like to keep my dogs mentally engaged by teaching them tricks and playing with toys. I also know how to orally give dogs medication. It would be my pleasure to work with your furry friend(s)! Your babies will be cared for and loved just as if they were my own!

Sally R.

Pet Sitter

I currently live in Northern Virginia but I am originally from Detroit Michigan! I love animals and I wanted to be more active and get more exercise while doing something productive yet fun. I love both cats and dogs but dogs a bit more. I can't wait to meet you and your pets! 

Nicole F.

Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

I’m an Alexandria native and a lifelong animal lover. I’ve grown an appreciation for animals of all ages after watching my first pet, a lab named Winnie, grew up with me through 13 long years. I love spending time with young and spry animals itching to play, with adult dogs with endurance to journey on runs and trail hikes, and with mature and indoor animals searching for companions to lounge and relax with. As someone who has worked at a veterinary clinic, I am also well versed in administering various medications for pets that need some extra assistance. I love to work with pets from all walks of life and value the different ways animals provide love and support.