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Training Tools

These are the training tools that we use and recommend. We do take a balanced approach to training. Before you go out and buy any tools, ensure you know how to use them properly with a training session.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these training tools, click the photo!

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Amazon Basic

Raised Bed

This is a great bed for teaching the "Place" cue, and if your dog tends to like cooler spaces, a raised bed will help keep them cool. While you can spend more on something fancy, it really isn't necessary. 

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Herms Sprenger Prong Collar

This is an highly effective way to communicate with your dog. It is unfortunately often used incorrectly. If you are interested in using this to correct problem behaviors this tool requires proper training before purchasing.

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Baskerville Muzzle

Every dog should be comfortable wearing a muzzle. This muzzle allows your dog to comfortably take treats, drink water, and still be able to pant or breath.

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I highly recommend this to entertain your dogs but also to use for dogs with separation anxiety, dogs that are bored, or crate training. Personally, I put yogurt on the mat and then freeze it!

tumble ball.png

Outward Hound

Tumble Treat Ball


I love making my dog, and the dogs that I train work for their food. Plus, this is a simple way to get your dog thinking and moving around. A tired dog is good, but a mentally tired dog is better.

Chicken Liver.png


Sometimes it helps to have a can of compressed air to help get your dog's attention if they ignore your negative marker such as "shh" "Ahah" or "No" to get your dog's attention.  

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EzyDog Luca

Slip Lead

This slip lead is durable; I love the rubber stopper, which helps keep the slip lead high and tight behind your dog's ears. The slip lead is my go-to training tool. 

Extra Prongs-1.png

Herms Sprenger 

Extra Prongs


It is important to make sure your prong collar is fitted correctly. It should fit high on the next and directly behind the ears. These prongs can be added to fitted to the 2.25 mm collar.

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PetCube Bites 2


This is a great tool to use one for checking in on your dog when you are away and two when you are crate training. There is a 2-way audio and you can dispense treats!

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Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats are great for mentally engaging your dogs hunting instincts. This snuffle mat is great because of the suction cups. Some dogs like to take their mat and run around with it. This way you can actually have them working to find their food or treats.

Chicken Liver.png


Chicken Liver

While I always recommend using your own kibble to train some dogs are picky and sometimes you need just something extra. I love the Chicken liver because it's easy to break apart and unlike the breast pieces it doesn't get too messy.

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