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10 Things You May Not Have Known About Your Dog

1) Dogs have been around for nearly 40,000 years. Most likely descendants from wolves that were domesticated by people for hunting or companion purposes.

2) They have an exceptional internal clock. They know it’s dinner time before you realize it, and they are never late for their walk.

3) Believe it or not, dogs can be trained to poop on demand (or at least hold it until told to let it out). Many seeing eye dogs have learned this to make it easier for their owners to clean it up.

4) They actually can smell fear and some other emotions that lead to changes in perspiration and pheromones.

5) Adult dogs have 42 teeth.

6) Dogs, and many other animals, have a special membrane at the back of their eyes called a tapetum lucidum that helps them see in the dark.

7) A normal body temperature for a dog is 101 - 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

8) Dogs only sweat through the pads on their feet. Panting also helps them cool down.

9) Dogs see in color, not in black and white. The colors they see are different than ours, but it is believed that they see mostly blues, greens, yellows, and shades of gray.

10) When your dog kicks after going to the bathroom, it is not because they want to fling grass and dirt at you. They are using the scent glands on the bottom of their feet to mark territory or let other dogs know they were there.

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