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Our 24 Point Pet Checklist

As a pet owner, I want to make sure that whoever is watching my furbabies is taking care of them the way I would. As a business owner, I am looking to make sure each client that uses Off Collar Pet Care knows we go the extra mile to make sure your home and pets are taken care of. Below is our checklist that we follow. Having someone outside your family enter your home is a very personal, and it is our job to make sure you are put at ease.

At Off Collar, we make sure your pets are safe, secure, comfortable, and most of all happy.

We go through a 24 point checklist every time we visit your pets.

  1. Sanitize to reduce illness

  2. Releasing your security system

  3. Bring in the newspaper

  4. Bring in the mail

  5. Put out clean, fresh water for your pet

  6. Feed your pet their proper amount of food

  7. Make sure each pet eats their food

  8. Check on the welfare of shy pets

  9. Put things back in their proper place

  10. Give treats

  11. Clean up any “accidents” or messes

  12. Water plants

  13. Play and love each pet

  14. Clean the litter box

  15. Make sure it’s not too hot or cold in the house

  16. Make sure that the doors and windows are locked/closed

  17. Ensure the house fence is secure

  18. Make sure pets are in their proper place before leaving

  19. Take photos of each pet

  20. Administer medication if needed

  21. Check each pet’s condition

  22. Re-lock the house

  23. Restore the security system

  24. Write up and send a report on each pet

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